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1. Why should I support a Charter form of government?

There are many reasons why you may wish to vote for a Charter form of government vs. the current statutory form of government, (e.g., local control, larger pool of talented candidates, lower cost, more scrutiny when spending your tax money, etc), but the three main reasons to vote for the Charter are:
First, ................equal representation,
Second, ..........equal representation,
Third, ...............equal representation!

2. What does a county Commissioner do?

The county Commissioners oversee the spending of many state agencies, such as Job & Family Services, Children Services, Child Support Enforcement, and all the other county agencies. The county budget is $260 million, with a $54 million general fund. The Commissioners are also responsible for the county's water & sewer, drainage & ditches, solid waste management, transit and aviation, to name a few.

3. What is the compensation for Commissioners?

Currently, three (3) part-time county Commissioners receive over $77,000 a year, per Commissioner, medical benefits, and retirement benefits for their part-time jobs. With the new Charter form of government, the seven (7) part-time county Commissioners will be paid approximately $32,000 with NO medical benefits.

4. Having 7 Commissioners seems like you are growing government.

Just the opposite, we are actually shrinking the size of government by eliminating elected offices that should be administrative positions. Therefore, qualified people will be running the government through a human resource department, not hiring favorites or relatives.

5. Won't there be a problem getting qualified people to run for county Commissioner with the lower pay?

The last thing we want in public office is people running for the amount of pay. Those who chose to serve do so out of a sense of giving back to the community or love helping others through public service, a more citizen form of county government that really represents the citizens of Lorain County and not self interests or special interests.

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6. What will be the terms of the Commissioners?

The term will be the same as now, 4 years.

7. People have said that there are majority Republican districts?

We are a citizens group and political parties are not the motives, representation is. Lorain County is 60% Democrat, and 40% Republican. We do have a lot of other parties and independents but for our discussion, we have gathered data for each district on the 2 parties.
District 1 is 61.2% D and 38.8% R.
District 2 is 58.1% D and 41.9% R.
District 3 is 52.7% D and 47.3% R.
District 4 is 68.2% D and 31.8% R.
District 5 is 48.7% D and 51.3% R.
District 6 is 81.2% D and 18.8% R.
District 7 is 54% D and 46% R.

8. Do any of Lorain County cities operate as a charter form of government?

Yes, in fact most do. Only Amherst and Lorain operate as a statutory form of government. The rest of the county operates as home rule, which is a charter form of government.



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